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Kfc Gravy Sandwich

Im assuming you can get the gravy burger a la carte but the main option is a box meal costing 699 enabling you to sample it with 1 mini fillet 2 hot wings or 1 piece of original chicken.

Kfc gravy sandwich. Served with 1. Kfcs christmas gravy burger is available from monday 16th november until 1st january nationwide as well as being exclusively available on deliveroo. The gravy burger picture. Kfcs new christmas gravy burger is making fast food fans swoon.

The sandwich comes as part of the gravy burger box meal which costs 699 926 and comes with the sandwich the gravy the gravynnaise an original recipe mini fillet a side dish and a drink. Introduced in 2006 when it was still somehow referred to as famous this menu item contains a bed of mashed potatoes bites of chicken corn gravy and a cheese toppingit was inspired by a type of dish that may have first appeared in the 90s which often brought together the same ingredients for a convenient and generally healthy ish ready meal. The chicken chain has added the ultimate gravy sandwich feast to its festive menu for 2020. Lets be honest.

The fillet stacker sandwich and the krushem milkshake. The sandwich promises to be a gravy soaked feast thatll leave you in pure bliss as well as a need for extra napkins. Kfc have launched the new christmas gravy burger or gravy burger for short and it is available from monday 16th november until the end of 2020. Kfc uks offering is being sold for a limited time over the holiday season.

Buy kfcs sandwich combos overview for affordable price. The famous bowl is another kfc staple. Kfc christmas menu includes a gravy burger with chicken hash brown gravy and gravy mayo. If youre crazy about fast food christmas.

A viral tiktok shows how kfcs classic chicken gravy recipe is actually prepared and fair warning it looks nothing like youd. You might think that the sandwich would be universally loved since you can rarely go wrong by adding more gravy but the reviews are mixed. Kfc gravy is a big part of christmas dinner every year. Make an order right now on kfc canada for fast delivery.