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Floating Pictogram Technology

The two have developed what they are calling floating pictogram technology an innovation that would install non contact interface system for commonly used panels in elevators atms and public restrooms.

Floating pictogram technology. The developers envision it being. This contactless interface system is based on cutting edge air floating image optical technology. To address these concerns researchers in japan have demonstrated a concept they call floating pictogram technology fpt. Floating pictogram technology produces bright high resolution images and reportedly accurate finger sensing technology out of a relatively compact device.

Murakami has completed the basic development of floating pictogram technology fpt. Called floating pictogram technology this technology replaces the panel of buttons with a virtual one that appears like a hologram. This allows users to operate the toilet through floating images. Floating pictogram technology.

In february 2021 murakami began to provide sample devices. Put simply the system uses infrared sensors to detect fingers without them having to make. Floating pictogram technology 2022. Contactless interface system using the next generation air floating image optical technology.