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Chicken Satay With Rice

Prep is quick best if left to marinade for a few hours or more.

Chicken satay with rice. Shred any leftover chicken from the satay chicken rice bowl. The sauce mixed well with the noodles. But i usually cook it on the stove for convenience. Called satay ayam in malaysian language any real foodies who have been to the entire southeast asia region will agree they are the best.

The only complaint i have using my version is the chicken was a tad salty even though i used low salt soy sauce. More asian inspired chicken recipes. Marinated the chicken about 5 hours then sauteed the chicken in the marinade. Many south east asian countries have their own version with most well known being thai indonesian bali and malaysian this recipe.

Malaysian chicken satay is the best. Cooking the chicken skewers. Thai chicken satay is a popular starter on thai restaurants menus along with thai fish cakes. There are many versions of satay recipes from asia but let me assure you that the best satay in the world comes from malaysia my home country.

I served it with veg from the garden new potatoes for hubby and courgette noodles and broad beans for me. I buy the chicken tenderloin strips which are already boned skinned and a nice size piece without slicing to save time. Pair these chicken skewers with a side of healthy sauteed carrots. Serve this dish with a side of white brown or cauliflower rice for a tasty chicken satay meal.

Real satay chicken is skewered chicken marinated with satay seasonings seared over charcoal and served with a peanut sauce. Heat some oil in a frying pan and add any leftover rice sauce and extra soy then stir fry with a handful of frozen peas and the shredded chicken until hot. Recipe from good food magazine february 2020. What to serve with chicken satay skewers.

Anytime we go out for thai food we always order the satay. Skewer up for the grill or saute on the stove. Chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce. Just had this i cooked the chicken thighs with the marinade made the sauce then at the end of cooking mixed the chicken with the sauce so all the chicken juices and satay sauce were mixed together.

Asian cabbage salad would be delicious with this chicken satay recipe. Chicken satay is a summertime favourite to cook on the bbq. For a really authentic thai experience cook the chicken satay over charcoal like its done in thailand. The closest to my favorite satay served at my thai restaurant.

Tips if youre using wooden skewers for your chicken satay soak the wooden skewers in water for an hour beforehand so theyre less likely to burn under the grill broiler or on the griddle.