Zzang Street

Zzang Street

A fun, original online arcade fighting game


  • It's free
  • Social community features


  • Servers hang up connection too often
  • Characters' movements are quite limited
  • Fights get repetitive


Free online games are becoming quite popular these days, but most of them are based on medieval imagery and feature very similar content: magical spells, sword fights and other typical RPG elements.

Zzang Street brings some originality to the online gaming world by presenting a classic side-scroll fighting game, very much like those good old arcades we used to play a few years ago. Being online, Zzang Street enables you to fight against people from all over the world and also make use of its extensive social component: chat, messages, buddy list, etc.

The game looks very promising, but unfortunately it fell short of my expectations too soon. First, I had some connectivity issues that seriously affected gameplay (I was kicked out of the server a couple of times). Then, I found characters' movements to be limited and poorly rendered. Finally, fights tend to get repetitive too soon. Even enemies all look the same.

Summing up, what could have been a great online fighting game sadly evolves into a mere online socializing tool that doesn't take advantage of all its gaming possibilities.

Zzang Street is a breath of fresh air among the bunch of online RPG games full of swords, magic and fantasy. This action game is similar to other classic titles such as Final Fight or Double Dragon, with a very simple aim: wipe off all enemies in each level and move on to the next one. Being an online game, you can also have your own group of friends to help you out. Fighting in groups is not easier - the game rises difficulty automatically- but is a lot funnier!

See what Zzang Street has to offer:

  • Simple game interface making it easy for anyone to enjoy the game
  • Unique full 3D graphics
  • Various quests, large-scale map invasion, party formation, character level up, enchant item, trade system, etc…
  • Different combo attacks for different characters and fancy skills
  • Fast and dynamic game play
  • Suspense and powerful effects of arcade games, and excellent game features

Zzang Street


Zzang Street

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  • by Anonymous

    Hace mucho tiempo.
    el juego esta muy bien pero hace mucho tiempo que quitaron la version inglesa aki les dejo la...   More