Write or Die

Write or Die

Hit your word count by beating the clock


  • Great time management tool
  • Several difficulty levels available
  • Specify your own grace period and consequence modes


  • Word count isn't always accurate


Write or Die is a web-based tool to help motivate you and get you writing more, faster.

Are you working on a novel, or even a school assignment, but find yourself unable to start the actual writing process? Write or Die has you covered. A simple program, but one that definitely packs a punch, Write or Die's primary purpose is to get you to write quickly without concern for editing during the initial composition process, similar in concept to Write Attack!.

Write or Die does this by letting you set a word count goal, as well as a time limit in which you have to complete the goal. If you want to write 500 words in 20 minutes, for example, that's exactly what you type into the interface. Then, choose a Write or Die consequence mode from General, Normal, or Kamikaze and set a grace period of either Forgiving, Strict, or Evil, and you're good to go. Depending on the settings you've chosen for yourself, whenever you stop writing for the period of time specified by your grace period, the screen behind your writing box will blink in increasingly violent shades of red.

The only thing some users may notice is sometimes the word count Write or Die captures is not identical to what their word processor might report.

If you're hung up about getting things written in a timely manner, Write or Die is a fantastic web-based resource.

Write or Die

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Write or Die

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