Talking Ginger

Talking Ginger

Get the cheeky cat ready for bed

Talking Ginger is a free game for Windows 8 in which you get to have fun getting a cat ready to go to bed.

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  • Lots of ways to interact
  • Record and share clips of Ginger
  • Toothbrush timer
  • Child mode


  • You run out of things to do after a while
  • Too many promotional options


Talking Ginger is a free game for Windows 8 in which you get to have fun getting a cat ready to go to bed.

Much more than just a talking cat

From the makers of Talking Tom Cat and Talking Ben the Dog, Talking Ginger is an interactive game for all the family. As with the other talking titles from Outfit 7, you can speak at Ginger and she will repeat what you said in a squeaky voice.

Talking Ginger is much more than this though, and there's plenty to do in the game. You can brush her teeth, dry her hair, and give her a shower. All of these acts are played out through cute, funny animations. You can record all these actions, and the speech to create your own videos, which can then be shared in a number of ways.

Talking Ginger gives you four free toothpaste tubes and you can buy more through an in-app purchase (which also removes ads). You can also collect jigsaw puzzle images of Ginger's dreams.

There's also a fun toilet roll unraveling game within Talking Ginger, and a toothbrush timer for kids, which encourages them to brush with along with the cat. You can set the amount of time depending on how long you want your child to brush their teeth for.

Handily, the developer has included a Child Mode in the game, which prevents kids from accessing in-app purchases. Child Mode also disables video creation.

Go easy on the promos

The interface looks a little crowded and there are way too many options that try and make you purchase something, click on an add or complete an action to earn a reward; it's so easy to accidentally tap on one of these menus. While you can put Child Mode on, these options should be better marked or put in a separate menu.

Other than that, when you are not speaking to Ginger, it's a simple tap to play the games and another tap to get back to the main menu.

Talking to Ginger gets old after a while

Talking Ginger for Windows 8 is arguably the most complete talking animal game of the series so far. A few more mini games would be nice though, because after a while it does get repetitive.

Talking Ginger


Talking Ginger

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