Subsonic Demo

Break out of the maze in this fun puzzle game


  • Good tutorial
  • Challenging yet simple gameplay
  • Humor


  • Needs more control configuration


Subsonic is a 2D stealth puzzle game, that mixes retro visuals with a Portal-like dark humor.

This game is the work of students at DigiPen University, and like many projects from there, Subsonic is surprisingly well presented and professional. The graphics are simple, made of glowing lines that are effective and look cool. You play a test subject for Subsonic Inc, who create high tech equipment.

Reminiscent of the recent Zelda games on the Nintendo DS, Subsonic challenges you to get through mazes of dangerous guards, who will chase and capture you if you're seen. Everything is based on noise, so your footsteps emit sound, and if the sound hits the guards, they'll give chase.

There are three tools at your disposal: a footstep noise canceler, a high-powered sonic gun for shattering glass walls and a sonic laser that you can bounce off walls to create diversions. Everything is mouse controlled in Subsonic, which actually isn't great - it would feel better if the sonic tools were mouse controlled, and movement was left on the keyboard.

Subsonic is pretty challenging, but it's not too long, with a tutorial and six level campaign. Getting through bigger levels requires a lot of thought and care, so puzzle lovers will certainly enjoy Subsonic

Subsonic is a slightly strange and humorous stealthy puzzle game, that's both playable and atmospheric.



Subsonic Demo

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