Splitty 3.0

Split large files into smaller ones


  • Splits files quickly and efficiently
  • A good solution if you're short of hard drive space


  • Doesn't split all file types


With increased sizes in external disk storage, splitting files is increasingly less necessary but it is useful if you are limited in where you can save your files.

Splitty is a highly optimised file splitter that's designed to split and divide files quickly, securely and efficiently. The program produces very reliable results due to a a checksum algorithm that verifies the length and consistency of the split file. This prevents the problem of splitting files and then realising they have been corrupted or damaged during the splitting process.

The interface is very simple and allows you to drag and drop files into it from your hard drive. Then you simply click "Split" and the program does the rest. What's really useful about Splitty though is that it can can generate self-extracting split files so once they are executed, they immediately split into two. You can also attach comments onto split files which is useful for if you are working on a multimedia project that requires constant file division or splitting. In addition, it works across networks and supports splitting from external drives - very useful for those who are working with big multimedia files that won't store on your hard drive.

If you're short of hard drive space and need to ensure that any files you split are done with maximum accuracy, Splitty is an ideal solution.

The problem with files these days is disk size; floppy, zip and even CD-ROM disks have a modest capacity, especially when "small" downloads are often several megabytes in size and average ones are much larger.

Even word processor files have been growing at an alarming rate, with embedded fonts and graphics bloating the file size. Splitty enables you to reliably divide large files into smaller manageable files that can be easily transferred over the Internet, or stored on floppy disks or other modest storage media.

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Splitty 3.0

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