Save Images

Save Images 0.5.1

Download all images from a web page in a snap


  • Saves you loads of time and work
  • Complete configuration settings
  • Creates a list of links if needed


  • You can't save settings as profiles

Very good

If you've ever tried to download all the images on a website, you'll have probably realized how boring and time-consuming this task can be.

Luckily you can now use Save Images, a Firefox extension that has been especially designed to download all the photos on in the website you're currently viewing. If the website doesn't have the photos, but links to them instead, you can also use Save Images to generate a list with links to them, and then download them all straight away. The extension can be reached both from the Tools menu or the context menu.

Save Images features a complete configuration menu that enables you to set filters, so that you only download images between certain size or dimensions, or even only selected formats. The extension can also rename images as they're being downloaded and manage duplicate files to avoid having several copies of the same image. If only you could save these settings as profiles to use them again later, then Save Images would be the perfect photo download manager!

With the Save Images extension you can have a complete image downloader within Firefox.

Save Images


Save Images 0.5.1

User reviews about Save Images

  • by Anonymous

    Works like a charm.
    Sweet little add-on. Allows you to save all images, only large images or small images, even ...   More