Reincarnation 0.51a

A truly chaotic old-school space shooter


  • Classic space shooter style


  • Too chaotic, you can hardly distinguish anything on the screen

Not bad
Do you remember those classic Space Invaders games we all used to play in arcades not so long ago? Now you can relive those days with Reincarnation.

This frantic space shooter closely follows the "Kill 'em all" motto. There are no stages, just you and your spaceship in a vertically sliding setting, against endless waves of enemy ships which will constantly fall from the top part of the screen. This layout, the game's design, its pixelated graphics, its playability… it all reminds of those typical 80s titles.

That said, the truth is that Reincarnation is quite chaotic in every aspect: menus are hardly readable, the two available weapon types use the same key and what's more, the screen is so incredibly crammed with enemy spaceships and shots that it's virtually impossible to stay alive for more than five minutes. This unbelievable difficulty is what makes the game a bit disappointing, because you can't really enjoy for long.

Reincarnation is a nice try at getting old Space Invades style games, but the game is too chaotic and incredibly difficult.



Reincarnation 0.51a

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