Raptor 1.04b

Manage your Rapidshare downloads


  • Simple to use
  • Makes Rapidshare downloading easier


  • Installation in Russian only!


Over the past year especially, Rapidshare has become one of the most popular ways to share files over the web, but for the "free" user, it can be a pain waiting 60 seconds to download, and then some minutes more to download a following file.

Raptor is an application that manages your Rapidshare downloads. Just paste a Rapidshare link into it, and it will take care of the download for you. This means no more clicking back onto tabs to see if the waiting time has elapsed, because as soon as it's done so, Raptor will begin the download without prompting.

The default setting for Raptor is Russian, which makes installation a more or less blind click through, but it shouldn't be impossible. Take a look at the screen shots to see how to change the language to English! The translation to English isn't 100% perfect, but is understandable enough to use.

If you're sharing smallish files, download time will be OK, but for larger files you could be waiting a while (more than ten minutes, the horror!). Raptor doesn't do anything to trick Rapidshare, so this won't speed things up or allow simultaneous downloads, just take out the manual checking usually involved.

For anyone who uses Rapidshare to download, this is a great little management app that'll save you time and open browser tabs. Don't get put off by the Russian script!



Raptor 1.04b

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    free RapidShare download Manager.
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