Prayaya V3

Prayaya V3

Portable virtual operating system for your USB memory stick


  • Fully portable
  • Easy to set up and run
  • Works as any other Windows system
  • You can switch between virtual and real systems


  • Slower than your original system


Prayaya V3 is a virtual operating system that you can run from a USB memory stick and use as a sandbox to test new software.

Virtual environment software like Prayaya V3 is great to try out potentially harmful programs, install new alpha releases of software you already use without messing up the stable version, and generally speaking, to test apps without leaving a trace on your "real" system.

Prayaya V3 is quite easy to use. After installing the program – on a portable hard drive or a USB memory device – and creating a user account, the system is ready to use. Prayaya V3 looks and behaves exactly like a Windows system: it lets you download and install standard Windows apps, and manage files and folders like you do on a regular computer. It even uses the same language as the host operating system.

All the files and documents you create or download in Prayaya V3 are stored in the virtual environment, so you can take them anywhere with you. You can also easily switch from the virtual environment to the host system via the button on the top toolbar.

Prayaya V3 is a handy way to avoid potential problems when testing new applications. On the downside, it’s noticeably slower than a normal computer - especially if you use it on a standard USB device.

Prayaya V3 is a Windows-compatible virtual operating system you can run from a USB memory device to use as a sandbox to try out new software without hurting your system.

Prayaya V3


Prayaya V3

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