PortableApps.com Platform

PortableApps.com Platform PR 1.1 2.0

Take your your favorite apps with you


  • Easy to install
  • Great interface
  • Configurable


  • No pre installed apps on this platform
  • May contain bugs

Very good

The PortableApps.com Platform it an app for your USB drive that lets you manage your portable apps.

To use the PortableApps.com Platform, plug in your USB drive, the simply run the EXE file and choose your dirve as the installation destination. You will then have this neatly designed interface on your thumb drive, and will be able to use it from any PC.

While you can download apps in portable form separately, one advantage of the PortableApps.com Platform is its integrated menu. Once opened, this sits in the System Tray, and pops up when clicked. Here you find document, music, picture and video folders. From the menu you can also the portable apps of your choice, update them, and keep an eye on your drive with the capacity bar. It really is like carrying a little computer around without the machine. Note that the PortableApps.com Platform doesn't come with apps pre-installed.

This is the Pre-Release version of PortableApps.com Platform, and may have the occasional bug, although we found that it runs fine as it is. You can download the older version, PortableApps Suite here.

The PortableApps.com Platform is a great way to organize standalone, portable apps on a USB drive.

PortableApps.com Platform


PortableApps.com Platform PR 1.1 2.0

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