Polarfox 1.0.1

Easily apply filters and share your photos


  • Full screen editing mode
  • Cross platform
  • Ability to edit filters
  • Ability to upload to sites simultaneously


  • Filters are too smiliar
  • Initial sharing setup is time consuming
  • No basic functions like cropping


Polarfox is a cross-platform photo editing and filtering application that easily shares your photography to a myriad of social networks.

With Instagram growing in popularity, historians will be looking back at photos from 2012 and asking why everyone's cameras from the era were broken. Polarfox continues the trend of putting "vintage" looking filters on photos.

When you first open the app, Polarfox greets you with a simple interface. Hit the up arrow or click on the fox and you'll have the option to choose what photo you want to edit. There are 8 default filters available with the option of editing the filters if you don't like them. Polarfox's filters are all very similar, making us wish there was more variation. Polarfox's maximum output for photos is capped at 1024x765.

What makes Polarfox brilliant is that it can upload and share your finished photos to a bunch of different sites and social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Evernote, and more. Unfortunately, initial setup of sharing options is very time consuming as you have to track down the specific email addresses to upload the photos.

Overall, Polarfox is a fun app, but its utility remains to be seen as there are no basic photo editing abilities like cropping in this beta. Hopefully Polarfox will incorporate more features before its official release.



Polarfox 1.0.1

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