MultiLoader 1.0.01

Download videos from across the web


  • Speedy downloads
  • Tons of presets for conversions
  • Queue videos for bulk download


  • Stability issues
  • Media player is very basic


MultiLoader downloads and converts video from a variety of sites across the web.

If you watch a lot of videos on the web but would like to keep them for watching offline or for your own collection, MultiLoader is a great app to do just that. MultiLoader can take URLs from a bunch of different video sites including YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion plus a ton more and downloads the videos to your hard drive.

MultiLoader's interface is easy and intuitive with big buttons for different functions. One of the best features of MultiLoader is its ability to detect a video URL in your clipboard. The program will ask if you wanted to download the video link that's in your clipboard and can do it immediately.

Performance is quite impressive. It downloaded videos in HD faster than any video downloader we've tested. HD videos took just a few minutes to completely download. Videos will be downloaded in their native format so HD videos download as .mp4 while some videos downloaded as .webm, a format that's officially backed by Google.

If a certain video won't work on your device, no worries. MultiLoader includes a video converter with tons of presets for different devices. Unfortunately, there was no HD setting for the iPad but most videos are downloaded as .mp4 and should work on the iPad without conversion.

Overall, MultiLoader is an impressively full featured and speedy app. While there are some stability bugs and features to be fleshed out, we can still recommend it based on how many websites it supports and on its speedy performance.

MultiLoader lets you to grab the desired video files from a variety of video services.

MultiLoader is an advanced, state-of-the-art video and audio clip downloader that works with the most popular video services to date. You simply copy and paste the link to the video and the application will download a local copy for you.

The application also includes a video converter that lets you transcode the downloaded files from one format to another and also offers a simple media player for previewing purposes.

The fact that we support most video services is a major differentiatior. At the same time, we constantly provide new plugins and conversion presets to expand the capabilities of the product. MultiLoader is highly intuitive, easy to use and free.

The application is dedicated to the multimedia enthusiasts that want to expand their video or audio collection in a legal manner. It is also aimed at users who want to rapidly convert files for their device of choice.



MultiLoader 1.0.01

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