Blistering apocalyptic action


  • Really impressive graphics
  • Simple controls
  • Great atmosphere


  • Requires a fairly powerful PC
  • Short

Very good

In Igneous, you control a rolling Totem which you must guide through a fire and brimstone world being destroyed by an angry and powerful idol.

Best played with an Xbox controller, but keyboard and mouse are also supported, this explosive 3D game is pretty simple, but hugely impressive. It has three stages of lightening fast action. Starting with a being chased by volcanic eruption that you must keep ahead of while avoiding the laming boulders raining down around you, and concluding with a giant stone idol destroying the world around you with flaming laser beams from its eyes.

You need a pretty good PC to run Igneous, as the fast moving and dramatic graphics need a lot of power! If you can run it, its well worth a play. Igneous sometimes feels a little unfair, as you can burst through flames only to find the ground has collapsed ahead of you. However, the destruction always happens in the same place, so you can learn the levels.

The tense rhythmic soundtrack and growling sound effects really add to the drama of Igneous. Once you have the hang of it, it's not actually a very long game, but it's a great ride while it lasts. Igneous was built from scratch, which makes it all the more impressive considering its high production values.

Igneous is a great looking game, a quick blast of adrenalin fueled action that will impress - as long as your PC is powerful enough to play it!

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