Icy-TV 1.1

Digital TV on your PC

Icy-TV can turn your computer into a high performance television receiver and recorder in just a few moments providing a robust set of intuitive features.

Icy-TV offers various ways of channel switching, just as you wish. You can switch channels using up/down buttons, or you can browse all channels after pressing C button. In this view you can see four categories of channels - switching between them is as easy as possible. You can also directly switch channel using an asociated number.

Digital televison offers not only a picture with audio. The boradcast also contains a program guide, maintained by the broadcaster, which guarantees that events are always up to date. Icy-TV provides a distinctive view of available channel events fo next days. You can also read a short description of each event.

You can also operate subtitles and teletext using Icy TV.

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Icy-TV 1.1

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