Garfield Comic Reader

Garfield Comic Reader Alpha 1.0

Download and save the daily Garfield strip


  • You can save the strip to your hard drive


  • Only a strip a day
  • You can't see strips from past days

I'm a big fan of Garfield, the plump orange cat with an unconditional love of lasagna and four-hour naps. If you like following his adventures too, you're going to love this little app.

Garfield Comic Reader is a simple tool that downloads a daily Garfield strip to your computer. You only have to run the application – no installation required – and the program will automatically display the corresponding strip on your desktop.

Garfield Comic Reader also lets you save the strip to your hard drive, though only in GIF format. The only thing you can't do is review strips from past days, meaning that if you miss the strip one day, you won't be able to recover it.

The trick to avoid this is copying Garfield Comic Reader's executable file to the Windows Startup folder and therefore having it running automatically for you. In this way you won't miss a single strip and you'll start your day with a smile.

With Garfield Comic Reader all Garfield fans will be able to enjoy a daily strip of their favorite cat right to the Windows desktop.

Garfield Comic Reader


Garfield Comic Reader Alpha 1.0

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