Dual Monitor Tools

Dual Monitor Tools 1.8

Make the most of your dual-screen computer


  • No installation required
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Varied pack of apps


  • Not all of the apps are that useful

Very good

Dual Monitor Tools is a pack of apps that come in handy for those of us who work with more than one monitor.

The Dual Monitor Tools pack includes five different apps and though some are more useful than others, they all provide a bunch of extra features to make the most of your dual screen computer set-up. Plus, none of the Dual Monitor Tools require installation.

The five apps included in Dual Monitor Tools are DualLauncher, an app launcher that works with ‘magic words’ or keyboard shortcuts; DualSnap, a screen capture tool that takes snapshots of your monitors; DualWallpaper, a wallpaper manager that lets you use different images on each monitor or just one across the screens; DisMon, with which you can enable monitors and change the primary screen; and SwapScreen, which lets you perform several window management actions with hotkeys.

All five apps in Dual Monitor Tools are really simple to use. Most of them run in the system tray, from which you can access their settings. Also, many of the features included in them work with customizable keyboard shortcuts – which means you have lots of combinations to learn by heart!

If you’re lucky enough to work with two – or more – screens, you may find Dual Monitor Tools particularly useful.

Dual Monitor Tools


Dual Monitor Tools 1.8

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