BPM Studio

BPM Studio Pro 4.9.94

Convert your PC in to a recording studio for MP3 mixes


  • Add 6 different cue points
  • Move easily between 3 views
  • Auto BPM matching
  • 3 types of cross fading techniques
  • Drag and drop tracks from library window
  • Quick access to sample player and editor
  • Wave editing


  • Line dragging cross fade is not very precise
  • No measure numbers in equalizer
  • Only 30 sounds included in library
  • Only 5 equalizer presets
  • Strict file search


BPM Studio is a popular choice among Softonic users which might be down to the wealth of possibilities available in this music mixer. This application will allow you to read, edit, mix, encode and write your tracks with precision.

DJs and music fans alike will appreciate the hardware look of the interface and the inclusion of all the essential buttons and functions expected in a professional mixer. It’s very easy to switch between the 3 different views: lists, mixer and ripper, streamlining your music creation process without disruptions.

Thankfully BPM Studio Pro integrates an explorer view of your music library, for quick dragging and dropping of the tracks you need. Although the application only comes with 30 original sounds and tracks you can effortlessly add all the sound you need. The program keeps a record of the tracks you searched for and the play lists you created for quick access. You can use the search function to quickly find tracks in library.

Over to the editing functions, BPM Studio lets you set up to 6 different cue points in an individual track. The sample player is nestled between the two track modules and features a sample editor to modify saved sounds. Use the wave editing view to edit more precisely.

BPM Studio also diversifies your cross fading possibilities. You can manually switch from one track to the other, let the program do it automatically or set the track lines yourself. While this last option is the most enjoyable, it’s also the least precise of the three.

On the downside, while BPM Studio is studded with options for editing, mixing and writing, the interface often feels stuffy and overloaded and it can become difficult to read functions or drag counter switches. The equalizer for example is very complete and even offers a graphic view, yet there is no numerical indication of the changes you are making.

The audio presets are limited to 5 (lounge, DJ, party, office, radio) vague choices. We also believe that with only 30 sounds and tracks pre-included in the program, BPM Studio doesn’t have a rich enough library of sounds. However this is very subjective and it’s quite possible that you will be happy with this collection of tracks and sounds.

While there are some drawbacks to this application, we consider BPM Studio a solid application for anyone serious about mixing tracks. The interface is well structured and all your tracks, edits and functions are accessible. The extensive editing possibilities will open you up to hours of track tweaking and polishing.

BPM Studio are now compatible with DigiScratch 2 Bugs fixed


  • BPM Studio are now compatible with DigiScratch 2 Bugs fixed

With the "look & feel" of the new external hardware and by a multitude of functions a DJs creativity and joy to play is newly inspired.

Jog-Shuttle wheels make working with MP3 tracks simple. Whether selecting a track, BPM matching or navigating within the archive and playlists, the large 60 mm Jog- Wheels will be two of the most valuable features of the BPM Studio Pro 4. In addition, each player of the RCP-2001 B features a BPM Pitch-Wheel making the professional work even easier.

With those new remote control units each user has the option to select the appropriate product relative to his performance desires and cost considerations. Because of this option, these systems are no longer limited to the high-end market.

BPM Studio


BPM Studio Pro 4.9.94

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