AppRemover 3.0

Clean security software from your system


  • Lightweight
  • Efficient
  • Free


  • Limited to security software

Very good

AppRemover is an application that searches out and removes anti-spyware and anti-virus software from your PC.

Installing and uninstalling this kind of software can leave your hard drive in a bit of a mess, with registry entries and hidden files left undeleted. This is where AppRemover comes in handy - a program designed to remove some of the worst uninstall offenders.

When installed, AppRemover is just a .exe file that will remove itself after use, so it won't add to the clogged up hard drive problem. When you run it, any antispyware or antivirus programs are listed, and you can choose what to delete, or delete them all. After the uninstallation process, AppRemover gives you an analysis of what was done, and if some files will be deleted after the next restart of the system and so on.

It's a shame AppRemover doesn't have broader removal abilities, as it does a great job of uninstalling these security programs. This will be especially useful for anyone wanting to replace their anti-virus app with another, when two different security programs have created system conflicts, or in case the program's uninstall process fails for some reason.

AppRemover is an efficient, lightweight utility that really does the job



AppRemover 3.0

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