Advanced Connection Booster

Advanced Connection Booster 1.12

A tool to enhance internet experience

Advanced Connection Booster is a utility that can modify the hidden windows settings, and increase the internet speed enhancing the overall connection.

With this tool, one can easily make changes in connectivity parameters such as MTU, RWIN, TTL, QoS etc. The changes can be made in an entirely manual process, or by an automatic settings wizard.

The objective of this software is to make sure that download, upload, and other web browsing related operations can be done with optimum speed.

Advanced Connection Booster basically does this by optimizing the modem device and making alterations in some advanced internet settings. As a result, the overall efficiency or performance level of the connectivity hardware enhances multiple times.

As for the wizard, it helps making the changes in an easier way according to the specifications, and let the user fine tune all those settings to get maximum performance.

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Advanced Connection Booster


Advanced Connection Booster 1.12

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