AboutBuster 6.07

Eliminate specific browser hijacking malware


  • Scans quickly
  • Targets specific pieces of hard to detect adware


  • Very limited when compared to other similar programs

Not bad

AboutBuster is a useful took that identifies specific browser-hijacking malware in order to eliminate them from your PC's system.

One of the most dreaded bugs or viruses that your PC can be infected by is the About:Blank virus. AboutBuster allows you to specifically hunt and destroy this specific bug as well other hard to find spyware like CWS.HomeSearch, CWS.MfPlay and CWS.SeDLL.

Most of these annoying pieces of spyware completely take over your browser and take it in different and sometimes harmful directions. AboutBuster works by making a super-fast analysis of your hard drive. AboutBuster will then detect whether or not any of the major malware culprits are on your PC's system. It eliminates them on contact without prompting you to confirm deletion, although AboutBuster will present you with a report as to how many threats were actually found.

The main problem is that most of these types of malware are already detected and found by programs such as Ad-Aware Free Internet Security and Spyware Doctor with Antivirus, both of which also perform a range of other optimization tasks which make this program look rather limited in comparison.

Nevertheless, if you suspect you've been infected with a browser hijacker and have had no success previously, AboutBuster is definitely worth a try.

AboutBuster is a tool that scans for AboutBlank on an infected system. Currently, its database supports the detection of CWS.HomeSearch, CWS.MfPlay, and CWS.SeDLL.

Unzip the file to a convenient location such as C:\AboutBuster. Navigate to the folder you unzipped the files to and double click on the file named AboutBuster.exe. Finally, select Begin Scan and the detection process will commence.



AboutBuster 6.07

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