If you want an Xbox One X, get it now

You read that right. If the Xbox One X has been on your wish list for a while and you’ve been holding out for a rainy day to splurge and snag one for yourself (or as a fantastic holiday gift) now is the time! In addition to sales  on games, consoles, and discounts on Xbox Game Passes and XBL Gold, the Xbox One X price is going for the lowest yet: $399.99.

Microsoft’s Black Friday sale was announced on November 10 and it’s underway through Thanksgiving week, ending on November 26. Better news? If you’re an Xbox Live Gold member the following deals start today:

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Console discounts

For those of us keeping track, the discounted $399 price for the Xbox One X makes it a whopping $100 cheaper than normal. Moreover, Microsoft bundles that give a console with a game are also receiving a discount, such as the Xbox One S Minecraft Creators Bundle. Grab it while the deal’s hot and you’ll save yourself a hundred bucks. That’s probably your best deal, but prices for other bundles can be knocked down as much as $70, such as the one for Forza Horizon 4.

Additionally, if you buy the Xbox One S, Xbox One X or get an Xbox wireless controller you’ll get a digital token for Gears of War 4 free ($39.99 MSRP value). Wireless controllers are also $10 off, and the discount applies to Xbox Design Lab controllers too. The deal starts on November 22 and ends on November 26 with the rest of the sale.

Subscription sales

It’s not just consoles and hardware that’s going on sale – it’s membership passes, too. If you’re one to buy subscriptions for a few months at a time or stopped paying for Gold for whatever reason, this is definitely the best (read: the cheapest) time to hop back on the boat. The Xbox Game Pass deals for Black Friday will score you your first month of Xbox Game Pass for literally $1. That deal’s already started, and is going until the 1/3, so make someone’s Christmas awesome with this! There’s over a hundred games that come with the pass, and that’s all for a dollar.

Xbox Live Gold is also at a discount – you can get one month for one dollar (this applies between 11/15 and 11/30) or you can also save 40% on Microsoft’s three-month subscription (11/22 through 11/26).


What’s the use of having a console if you don’t have any games? Microsoft is offering a bunch of discounts this holiday season, including popular games like:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (full product release): $17.99

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State of Decay 2: $19.49

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Forza Horizon 4: $38.99

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Forza Motorsport 7: $24.99

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Sea of Thieves: $29.99

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Zoo Tycoon: $14.99

Disneyland Adventures: $14.99

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Super Lucky’s Tale: $14.99

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Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure: $14.99

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It’s a great time to be an Xbox gamer, and this season’s looking like a mighty fine time to START being one. Hop on the bandwagon now and we’ll see you online!

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